When Is Hip Revision Surgery Necessary?

Hip Fracture When your hip is replaced with an artificial hip joint, it is called hip replacement surgery. It is one of the more common – and successful – procedures someone can go through. When that artificial joint needs to be repaired, it is called hip revision surgery. This may be necessary if you are experiencing one of a few key signs that you should be aware of.

What You Need To Know About Hip Revision Surgery

The number one sign that you may need hip revision surgery involves parts of your existing implant breaking off. If you are experiencing a lot of irritation, particularly in the tissue surrounding your hip and even in the bone, hip revision surgery will likely be in your future.

The problem is that when those pieces do break off from the original implant, it sends your immune system into overdrive. Your own body essentially begins to “fight off” what it deems to be an invader. If left unchecked, this could result in your immune system eating away at otherwise healthy bones. This can lead to a painful condition called osteolysis. Hip revision surgery becomes necessary to prevent this condition from developing and causing debilitating symptoms.

Beyond that, hip revision surgery may be necessary after a period of many years simply due to the nature of the process. A replacement hip is essentially a mechanical appliance, and like anything that sees a lot of heavy use, it will eventually begin to exhibit signs of wear and tear. This is especially common if you still exercise regularly or participate in a lot of high-impact activities. Because of that, hip revision surgery to repair any damage and to get everything back in proper working order might be a good idea.

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