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Limb Lengthening

Dr. Wallace uses a minimally invasive technique to prepare the bone and place the lengthening rod. The device is implanted in the inner part of the bone and is controlled by a wireless remote to gradually lengthen the bone. The whole process takes about 1 hour. In most cases, there is an inpatient hospital stay.



The recovery process begins immediately after surgery. Physical therapy is initiated from the start to keep your joints limber and body active. With the current implant, an assist device, such as a walker or crutches, is typically needed until the bone solidifies enough to walk independently.


Desired Height

Most often, patients elect to undergo femur lengthening only. Once the height is realized, the lengthening process is complete, and the newly formed bone begins to harden. Patients can then resume normal activities. Depending on how much length is desired, the limb lengthening process can take 3 months to 1 year.



The initial consultation, in-person or online, is the first step in beginning the process. A complete medical exam and appropriate radiographic imaging will be done during the consultation. Dr. Wallace can answer any questions you have regarding the procedure, and he will determine if you are a good candidate for lengthening surgery.

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Limb Lengthening and Deformity Correction

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Leg Discrepancy

Dr. Stephen Wallace is not only a great surgeon but also a great person. I couldn't be happier with the level of care he provides, and he is always wanting to know if there's anything he can do to make my recovery easier and faster. He is a true professional - I only wish there were a place for a bonus star.

- Patient

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Limb Lengthening

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Dr. Wallace

Dr. Stephen Wallace is an orthopaedic surgeon who specializes in Limb Lengthening and Complex Reconstruction. He completed his subspecialty training at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle as well as the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City – the #1 ranked hospital in the nation and the world’s leading academic medical center focused on musculoskeletal health. Dr. Wallace is dedicated to treating every patient with innovative, high-quality care.

For limb lengthening procedures, Dr. Wallace performs surgery using minimally invasive techniques with state-of-the-art internal lengthening devices. Dr. Wallace and his team are able to assist patients reach their desired height, improve self-esteem, and maximize their physical capabilities. Through innovative implants and advanced surgical techniques, our goal is to help patients reach their top physical ambitions.






Dr. Wallace offers two types of consultations for your convenience: in-person or video. Payment is required at the time of service. Once a request has been submitted, our team will reach out to set up a consultation appointment.

You can also submit a consultation request by calling our office directly at (503) 850-9940


Frequently Asked Questions

Stature lengthening surgery is personalized to help you reach your height goals. While every treatment is individualized, a typical femur lengthening is 8cm (3.1 inches), and tibial lengthening is 5cm (2 inches). In most situations, lengthening is performed on both femurs simultaneously. If additional height is desired, tibial lengthening can be done after complete femoral healing.

With the latest technology, bone lengthening works through a process called “distraction osteogenesis”. Through this technique, you grow your own bone. With each lengthening session, your body fills in the gap with new bone – in the same way you heal a fracture. This new bone is 100% your own bone, meaning it is identical in structure and composition.

A typical femur lengthening surgery takes approximately 1 hour per side. This includes making the controlled bone cut (osteotomy) as well as insertion of the lengthening implant.

Dr. Wallace is a dual fellowship trained orthopaedic surgeon. With years of experience in limb lengthening using the latest minimally invasive techniques and cutting-edge technology to make your surgery as seamless as possible. We have a strong focus on physical therapy and bone health during the process to ensure reliable results. His holistic experience is apparent from initial consultation to you reaching your final height.

Mobility is key. With the current version of the lengthening nail, partial weight is allowed during the lengthening process. An assist device, such as a walker or crutches, is typically needed until the new bone hardens enough to fully weight bear.

Because the lengthening process occurs in such small increments, the sessions are typically painless. Starting during surgery, we initiate a multimodal pain management program to get you up and moving as quickly as possible.

With the latest technology, limb lengthening has been simplified. The lengthening rod is entirely inside the bone, so no wires or pins are outside the skin. Consistent physical therapy prevents some of the temporary side effects during lengthening such as joint stiffness and nerve stretching.

Not only is Dr. Wallace an expert in limb lengthening, his practice is also focused on bone deformity, acute traumatic bone injuries, limb salvage, nonunion, advanced amputation surgery, and osseointegration.


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