How Tall Can You Get With Limb Lengthening?

limb lengthening Limb lengthening is the only way to increase your height after puberty. While you may be able to add up to six inches to your height, your results are personalized. Find out what goes into determining how tall you can get with limb lengthening surgery.

Bone Density Matters

Though limb lengthening surgery can be performed at most ages, age can impact bone density. After the age of 40, bone density begins to steadily decline. Limb lengthening can place a lot of stress and strain on your leg bones, and without enough density, you may be limited in how much you can increase the length of your legs.

However, age is not a deterrent to receiving limb-lengthening surgery. Patients who were 65 or older have gotten the procedure. Limb lengthening can be incredibly personalized. That’s why a consultation with an orthopaedic surgeon is highly recommended. They will be able to conduct a thorough physical examination to determine your bones’ health.

Certain Medical Conditions Can Prevent Limb Lengthening

If you suffer from conditions that impact your muscles or nerves, your surgeon may suggest a limited approach to limb lengthening or advise against it altogether. In limb lengthening, it isn’t just the bone that is made longer; the surrounding tissue, like the muscles and nerves, is gradually lengthened.

Conditions that affect your musculature and nervous system may make recovery difficult or provide significant complications. As with determining the density of your bones, consult a doctor if any preexisting conditions may impact the success of your limb lengthening.

Limb Lengthening in Lake Oswego, OR

Limb lengthening is an incredibly individualized surgery. You can expect up to six inches of height, but your results may vary. The best way to know how tall you can get is through a thorough examination by a capable and knowledgeable orthopaedic surgeon.

At Summit Orthopaedics, Dr. Stephen Wallace is a board-eligible orthopaedic surgeon who completed his subspeciality training at the nation’s number-one ranked hospital and the world’s leading musculoskeletal medical center.

To learn more about limb lengthening at Summit Orthopaedics, call 503- 850-9940 if you have any questions or want to schedule a consultation.


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